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Engagement photoshoot Downtown Fayetteville NC // ERIC & ASHLEY

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Engagement photoshoot Engagement Session Fayetteville Raleigh Downtown North Carolina Fort Bragg

I am in love with how amazing Eric and Ashley look in these images. A sun-filled, downtown engagement session in Raleigh, Fayetteville, or any other city, is always a great choice. Beautiful golden light, an amazing setting at every corner and a happy couple is all it takes to get my North Carolina wedding photographer self filled with excitement!

One advice I like to give is to wear more muted tones. It gives an airy feel to the images. Ashley’s use of color made her stand out against the neutral tones of the city backdrop. An elegant look, or even a floor-long dress, is always ideal for a formal engagement session.

If you book me as your wedding photographer in Raleigh, Carolina Beach, Wilmington, Charleston, Southern Pines, Fayetteville, or Charlotte, the lighting in the afternoon could not be better! I am an international wedding photographer now living in North Carolina. I have shot weddings and engagements in different states and countries, and I have utterly fallen in love with the constant sunshine in the Carolinas. I can always count on a true golden hour when I’m shooting weddings or engagement sessions in North or South Carolina.

This year has been a beautiful ride with commuting back and forth from North Carolina to New England (and Germany). I love photographing weddings in both locations. This weekend is my first fall wedding in Connecticut and I am ecstatic about it. Since I have been asked, please do not hesitate to inquire if you are from Boston or New York City. For more information on my 2019 wedding + engagement packages and pricing please contact me HERE.



Engagement session Raleigh downtown
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Fayetteville downtown engagement session
Engagement Session Fayetteville Downtown Raleigh Southern Pines
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What is an Engagement Shoot and why is it a good idea to book one?

As you’ll have guessed from the name, an Engagement Shoot is a photo date for newly engaged couples. If you’ve booked me, for full-day coverage, the Engagement Shoot comes free as part of the package. The Engagement Shoot is a (photo shoot) rehearsal, so to speak, before things get serious on your big day. 



Have the two of you ever been professionally photographed before? You haven’t? Well, now’s your moment to try it out and get some practice. Did you model before? Yes? Then you’ll get hints and some new tips that will help you to strike a natural pose together. What should women look out for? What are the top tips for men? What natural-looking poses are there that will make you feel at ease? How does it all come together to make beautiful, authentic pictures? It’s a plus if you don’t leave all these big questions until your wedding day.

A special feature of my Engagement Shoots is my “Couple Posing 101”. This is my chance to do something I really love to do: send you on your way to your wedding day full of joy, inspiration, and added self-confidence! Believe me, it’s a whole lot of fun!! One thing’s for sure after this shoot:

There’ll be no more asking yourself, “What do I do next?” The things you’ve learned will stay in your mind. You’ll know what your favorite poses are. You’ll both be perfect at posing together. You’ll know what to look out for, you’ll be having fun now and bringing your own authenticity and ideas into play. You’ll be familiar with my instructions and advice. You’ll know what you like and what you don’t like. For the wedding shoot on your big day you’ll know exactly what’s in store for you and you won’t need any more “practice”. We’ll need less time for your wedding shoot and you’ll be able to spend more time with your guests. Now doesn’t that sound wonderfully relaxed?


One of the biggest bonuses at the Engagement Shoot is that you’ll get to know me, your wedding photographer. I’m not just telling you this as a photographer but from personal experience. If you are nervous on your wedding it is very calming to know the person behind the camera. This shoot gives you time to chat and seek advice and you’ll get to know my way of working. We’ll have fun together and wonderful photos of the two of you will come together almost by chance. At the end of the shoot you’ll feel confident with me and the situation. And that’s exactly the feeling that I hope you’ll have at your wedding, because this confidence will shine out in your wedding photos.

My advice, every time, is to set a date for your Engagement Shoot as early on as possible. Your decision and emotions are still “fresh”. This time is a very special time for you both – you’re not in planning and wedding mode yet. In short, you’re free to enjoy this time to the full! Pictures from this shoot have an entirely different style than the ones that are taken at the wedding. Whatever kind of shoot you opt for (street style, lifestyle, seasonal, etc.), it’ll show the two of you just the way you are, in private. In love, fooling around, quiet, relaxed with a touch of chic, playful, full of joie de vivre, exuberant, elegant–it’s all possible and this shoot gives your photographer the chance, even before your wedding day, to find out what makes you tick and makes you feel at ease.


We can do the shoot at a lovely location that’s caught your eye. Another option is to do it somewhere that has a deeper significance for you both. This could be the place where your beloved popped the question or you had your first date. Maybe you share a favorite place where you enjoy spending lots of time together, doing the hobbies that you both love to do. Some more examples: Your hometown, the university where you met; your favorite restaurant; the bar where your love story unfolded; in a museum, at the zoo, at the movies, or in a theater. Yes, even your own kitchen can be a great location! If you choose a place that’s important to you, you’ll find that your pictures have much more meaning, far beyond mere memories.

Some men want to surprise their bride, making the marriage proposal with the photographer in attendance and getting this romantic moment captured on film. You can ask me to do this too, any time at all!


Here’s another bonus: If you see professional photos of you both before the day you say “I do”, you can tell the photographer what perspectives you especially like, for example.

And here’s a tip for brides: At the Engagement Shoot (and the Bridal Session, too) you can take advantage of your trial hair and/or make-up appointment to give you an idea of how your wedding-day styling works for you. This is also your chance, should you need to, to give your stylist clearer feedback, using the Engagement Shoot photos as your guide.


Example: “save the date” cards Eric & Ashley

Example: “save the date” cards Eric & Ashley


There’s a whole range of possibilities: You can gift your pictures to your family and relatives and allow them to share your joy too. Maybe you’d like to create an album, or hang the loveliest picture in the home that you share? Some couples use the pictures for “save the date” cards, while still others use them to decorate the wedding venue. A large-format image welcoming guests at the reception–freestanding or on the wall–also makes for a very special touch.

Last but not least: Should you want to publish your photos, then don’t forget to discuss this with your photographer first. You may need to get permission in some cases. This varies from photographer to photographer, though, and it usually depends on how and where you want to publish your pictures.

Whatever options you go for, the important thing for me is that you have fun doing it and get more self-confident standing in front of the camera. It’s an experience that can only do you good! I’ve always had positive feedback from my couples. They had nothing “new” to deal with at the wedding and were able to focus on each other and on experiencing this very special day.

All set for YOUR Engagement Shoot? ☺  Then get reading the next blog post: